The windshield actually plays an important role in the protection and safety of the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Apart from it being a key safety feature, it also shields passengers from water, wind, bugs, dirt, and debris, making conducting regular windshield chip repair and safety checks essential.

Here is a quick checklist to follow:

#1: Immediately repair chips and cracks

Chips and cracks are the most common causes for windshield repair. However, these are easily repaired if caught early on. If left unchecked the damage may grow and weaken the windshield. As a result, the glass will become more vulnerable to changes in temperature or pressure. This can create distractions or impede the driver’s vision on the road, becoming extremely dangerous. Find a local windshield chip repair specialist as soon as you see a chip form.

#2: The wipers

The windshield wipers may not be the first component of your vehicle that comes to mind when considering a vehicle’s safety features, but they are a required safety element. But drivers typically don’t notice them until they no longer function properly. The windshield wipers must be operational and in good condition at all times, hence drivers must check them periodically for peeling rubber and rusting. Drivers should make sure there is plenty of soft, pliable rubber left on their vehicle’s wipers to increase their functionality. Properly functioning wipers operate freely, are easy to operate, are intact, and can adequately clear rain, snow, etc.

#3: Keep the glass clean

Apart from having a properly functioning windshield, keeping it clear and clean is also important. A dirty windshield requires your wipers to work twice as hard and this can lead to faster wear and deterioration. It can also tear the rubber, which can then expose metal that scrapes the glass. But most importantly, failing to clean your windscreen regularly can be hazardous, as it will result in impaired vision and this could cause an accident, endangering you and your passengers.

#4: Check windshield wiper fluid

The main task of the windshield is to offer the driver a perfect view of what’s ahead. Excessive debris and dirt can impair a driver’s vision. To prevent this from happening, drivers must maintain a full washer fluid reservoir to wipe away the debris on their auto glass and keep their windshield sparkling clean. 

#5: Check for leaks.

Albeit rare, the windshield can sometimes leak, even when there is no noticeable crack or chip. A leak is a sign that your windshield might not have been installed correctly and needs to be replaced. It is important to replace the windshield immediately as this could cause serious damage to yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle.

A properly functioning windshield is a key safety element for any vehicle and must always be maintained. Regularly review this checklist for optimal safety and convenience. For additional resources and information about how to keep your windshield in tip top shape, browse the Tri Glass blog