Auto Windshield Repair Guide

Tri Glass has been a leading producer of an innovative auto windshield repair system for over 10 years. With its stainless steel double o-ring injector, the Tri Glass Bridge is the most efficient, reliable, and least complicated system for a car windshield repair. Tri Glass has also produced a windshield repair video and a DVD with step by step instructions on how to achieve a quality auto windshield repair through the use of our windshield repair kits. The following list is a virtual step by step process to complete a car windshield repair. 

Prepare the Impact point

  • Properly preparing the impact point involves properly positioning the scribe at the edge of the impact point, holding it firmly in a vertical position, for a mistake could cause a permanent scratch on the windshield.
  • Push down firmly and press the edge of the impact point two or three times, or as many times as needed.
  • Wipe remaining glass pieces away with a clean, dry, and lint free cloth.

Resin injection

  • First, place the mirror inside the windshield. This allows you to watch the chip in the windshield fill with resin from below.
  • Screw the injector base into the Tri Glass Bridge and apply suction cup lubricant to the suction cup.
  • Once the suction cup is screwed on tight, check to ensure that the leveling screw and injector are not screwed in below the level of the suction cup bottom.
  • Place the Tri Glass Bridge on the windshield with the injector tip near the impact point and secure the bridge to the windshield.
  • Lower the injector base and leveling screw until light contact with the windshield is made. Keep the bridge level and slide it directly over the impact point while ensuring that no suction cup lubricant contacts the resin or the impact point.
  • Insert the injector press while holding the injector base until it tightens, then release and repeat the process two to four times to create a vacuum.
  • Insert several drops of resin into the injector base.