Aside from being a focused and determined entrepreneur, Tri Glass, Inc. built its success as a windshield repair products company through their invention of the Tri Glass Bridge tool. The bridge is one of the least complicated and effective bridge tools on the market for easy windshield repair. It was engineered with a rugged design and constructed from the highest quality of materials. Unlike other bridges from other windshield repair companies, Tri Glass, Inc.’s bridge works on any type of windshield contour, whether it is the edge or the corners.


An Affordable and Effective Windshield Repair Tool

We have sold our patented bridge to auto shops all across the country to provide them with an effective windshield repair tool that provides the best results. The bridge works with the other windshield repair products of Tri Glass, Inc. to perform a long lasting glass restoration. We sell our bridges separately as well as in our kits, which come with everything needed to conduct a windshield repair. The Tri Glass Bridge is now on sale for $145 and our kits sell for $375 and $575. For auto shops that offer windshield repair services, our patented bridge is an affordable investment.


What is the Tri Glass Bridge?

The bridge is constructed with a stable metal bar that has a leveling screw. The leveling screw can be adjusted with the finger. Other features of the bridge include the accurately machined stainless steel injector and the strong suction mount. The bridge’s metal bar is an element of the tool that has an unlimited shelf life.



How Does the Bridge Work?

The bridge’s stainless steel injector with double O-rings is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It creates even pressure, acting as an effective vacuum that extracts air to replace it with resin. What’s unique about the bridge’s role in the Tri Glass Windshield Repair System is that it does not require tubes, hoses or electrical outlets to work! Learning how to conduct the repair using our Tri Glass Bridge is easy; we have a training DVD available for individuals who want to self-educate on the process. The more bridges you have, the more repairs you can conduct all at one time.


Opt for Our Bridge Rebuild Services

Once you have bought the bridge and have used it over time, it may need repair after a while. Rigorous use of the suction cub lube, scratches and exposure to chemicals on the rubber can damage the bridge. To elongate the life of your tool, we suggest that the stainless steel injector be cleaned regularly with acetone. We at Tri Glass, Inc. perform bridge repairs for our customers and then send it back to them completely refurbished. Our Bridge Rebuild service only costs $60, and includes replacement for everything on the tool, except for the stainless steel injectors, steel bar and brass nuts.


To learn more about our patented bridge and our Bridge Rebuild services, check out our website.