1. Inspector must know repair terminology.

2. Inspector must know how to differentiate between the profile of a crack and its head-on angle.

3. Inspect repair from the inside of the vehicle.

Finding the Profile and Head-on Angle of a Crack

Horizontal Crack:  Sit directly in front of the repair, inside the vehicle, in a normal sitting position. From this angle

you will see the profile of the repaired crack. It should be almost undetectable. If you lie down

on the seat you will see the head-on angle.

Vertical Crack:  By sitting directly in front of the repaired crack you will see its head-on angle. Move to the left

or right to observe it’s profile, it should almost disappear at its profile.

Note:  People do not focus on the windshield when driving they focus out the windshield.

A repair is less detectable than dirt, bugs or windshield wiper scratches that are almost always present on most

vehicle windshields.

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