Getting a scratch on your windshield can be a bummer because it happens when you least expect it. You could be cruising down a busy highway when suddenly—an 18-wheeler truck kicks up dirt in front of you. Before you can change lanes to avoid it, a small rock manages to smash into your windshield, leaving a circular crack. There are a few precautions you can take until you are able to get it fixed. We at Tri Glass, Inc. have provided a few tips to follow that can help maintenance your vehicle until it gets repaired.


  1. Measure the area of the nick on your windshield in order to determine if you can have it repaired without having it replaced. If it is a bull’s-eye, star, or combination break smaller than 3 to 4 inches in length, the damage can easily be repaired.
  2. Make sure to protect the scratch from dirt getting in. Put a piece of clear tape on the indent to block out the dirt. Excess dirt makes a glass chip more difficult to fix.
  3. Don’t drive your car if the scratch is blocking your view.
  4. Since heat causes a crack to worsen and grow, keep the car out of sunlight. Choose a shady area or a garage to park in.
  5. Contact an auto shop to have the crack repaired as soon as possible.

A few things to avoid while your car awaits a glass repair include slamming the car doors, washing the exterior, and blasting the heat or air conditioning. All of these actions will make the crack worse. For more information on our windshield repair products, feel free to check out our website!