If you are a trustworthy auto shop, you are most likely the first source that drivers turn to when their vehicle needs repair. You may be able to provide them with all the necessary maintenance service and part replacements…but what about the windshield? If a customer approaches you with a chip or crack in their windshield, do you have the resources needed to fix it? Having windshield repair as an auto service is highly beneficial because it is a common need that must be met, making it an opportunity to generate profit for your business. To conduct a quality windshield repair that will last, you will need all the right tools, materials and equipment.


The easiest way to obtain everything you need for performing a windshield repair is to purchase a first-rate repair kit. Windshield crack repair kits are designed to contain everything required to successfully conduct a glass mend on the windshield of any vehicle. With the tools from the kit and a few correctly performed steps, a windshield can be repaired in no time at all. Repairing a windshield with a kit is easy to learn and only takes a bit of practice.


Since there are a variety of windshield repair kit companies on the market, each one is slightly different from the other. You are probably wondering what the best professional windshield repair kit may be. A high-quality repair kit will have superior products with all the necessary tools provided. In our windshield repair kits at Tri Glass Inc., the tools and products are all-inclusive to provide a specific quantity of repairs, which helps meet the demand of the service. Not to mention the kits also include our patented Tri Glass Bridge!


TriGlass Prof Kit 2 - new pic

All professional grade windshield repair kits usually have similar items. However, do not confuse do-it-yourself kits with professional kits! They are not the same. Here we share with you what we provide in our large windshield repair kit:

  • 2 patented Tri Glass Bridges
  • 3 battery-powered UV lamps
  • 2 full ounces of Tri Glass quality Thick Resin
  • 2 full ounces of Tri Glass quality Thin Resin
  • 2 full ounces of Pit Sealer
  • Large Pit Adapter with five Large O-Rings
  • 50 Small O-Rings
  • 100 Pit Sealer Tabs
  • 1/4 oz. of Pit Buffer
  • 1/4 oz. of Pit Polish
  • 2 Inspection Mirrors
  • Hook Scribe
  • Carbide Scribe
  • Suction Cup Lube
  • 4 Shop Cloths
  • Utility Lighter
  • 50 Cotton Swabs
  • 20 Razor Blades
  • Acetone Soaking Container
  • 12 Batteries
  • spray bottle of Glass Cleaner
  • Tri Glass work apron


The amount of resin provided in our Tri Glass kits is enough for about 400 to 500 repairs, while the pit sealer is enough for about 800 to 900 repairs. The advantage of buying a professional grade kit is that it will produce repairs that last, keeping customers happy. If you run out of an item in the kit, you can purchase it separately.


New Long Carbide Drill Bits!

We would also like to reveal that we have added 2 different carbide drill bits to our inventory. The drill bits are longer in size, which are used to expand the void in the impact point when doing the repair. The Long Pointed Tip Carbide Drill Bit and the Long Flat Tip Carbide Drill Bit are both 1¾ inches in length and are available to be ordered in large quantities.