Insurance fraud is nothing new amongst drivers and vehicle owners, but somehow the crimes persist. In recent years, glass companies have been the culprits of tricking drivers into believing that their windshield needs to be replaced. A glass company salesperson will inform vehicle owners that their windshield is faulty and that their insurance company can cover the cost of the repair. Unfortunately, many individuals have fallen victim to this act, leaving them with higher policy rates and glass companies walking away with large money bags.




If a glass dealer or salesperson approaches you at a car wash, gas station or in a large parking lot informing you that your car needs a new windshield, give them the cold shoulder! Only trust an authorized auto shop to give you a realistic diagnosis of your windshield. This situation particularly occurs in Florida because of the state’s consumer-friendly zero-deductible windshield replacement law.


Quickly Repair Cracks with a Windshield Repair Kit

According to an investigation conducted by reporters and producers of channel 10 News in the Tampa area a few years ago, glass company representatives used a variety of schemes, such as targeting windshields with small cracks or nicks, to convince drivers that their entire windshield needed to be replaced. However, windshield scratches and specks can be quickly repaired by a qualified professional using a quality auto windshield repair kit. The repair doesn’t take long to do, is quick and easy to perform, and is much cheaper than a window replacement. If you are told that you need your windshield repaired by a random sales person, do not act on it until the malfunction is diagnosed by a qualified professional.


Trust Reputable Windshield Repair Tool Suppliers

Being aware of auto scams, such as windshield replacement and repairs, can help drivers avert the crime. In this type of scheme, many individuals are affected negatively, including the agents, policyholders and good glass companies that operate ethically. Most scratches, cracks and nicks in a windshield can be fixed to look like new again with windshield repair tools and equipment from reputable suppliers. The only instance where a windshield would need to be replaced is if it bears a star-break crack that penetrates the exterior layer, or the crack is longer than twelve inches.




Other tactics used in the windshield replacement scheme stretch much farther than persuasion. Some glass companies will bill the insurance company for high-quality glass after a replacement, when in reality, they used low-quality glass. When high-pressure bullying doesn’t work, salesmen will go as far as to purposely damage windshields so that they need to be replaced. Experts suggest that policyholders obtain a reference for a trusted glass company or auto shop from their insurance company, if they need their windshield serviced.


Avoid Getting Scammed

As a windshield repair kit distributor, we supply auto shops and reputable glass companies across the nation with high-quality tools, such as pit sealer, resin and the Tri Glass Bridge, which assists with conducting successful and long-lasting restoration. Don’t fall victim to a sketchy glass company salesperson trying to abuse the windshield repair industry; have a glass company referral handy in preparation for future windshield repairs.