Our third kit; Tri Glass Essential Windshield Repair Kit.  For many years Tri Glass has only had two different kits; our basic and professional.  This Essential Windshield Repair kit has a bit of both products from these best selling kits.  The first is the Dremel Drill with a charger.  It also comes with a 1/16 collet to fit the drill and 2 pointed tip drill bits.  The second is the 12 Volt lamp.  It is durable, dependable and fast.

The Tri Glass Windshield Essential Kit contains our number 1 selling resin; Tri Glass UV thin resin (TRI 101) and our strong UV thin pit sealer (TRI 102).  By having these resins and sealers you will be able to fix bulls-eyes, star, and combination breaks.  It includes our patented bridge with 2 stainless steel injectors and metal bar.

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