To conduct successful windshield repairs as an auto shop, you need the best tools available on the market that are guaranteed to last. Many other auto windshield repair companies offer kits and tools, but they are not as durable and can’t repair quite as many windshields as our products and tools can. At Tri Glass Inc., we have an extensive history in the windshield repair industry that involves the famous patented Tri Glass Bridge tool. You can depend on our products and tools to conduct topnotch windshield glass repairs that lasts for years. While we sell our professional windshield repair kit in two sizes – small and large – we also offer our tools separately so that you can easily restock on needed items.


Some of our other tools include the pit sealer, thick resin, UV lamp and inspection mirror. Right now for a limited time only, we are having a sale on our resins and pit sealers. If you are in need of stocking up on the resin or pit sealer, we highly recommend you take advantage of this promotion. For one ounce of resin or pit sealer, which is equivalent to about 125 repairs – the special price is just $22.00. When it comes to topnotch windshield repair equipment, we are the go-to source for what you need. So that you understand what makes our pit sealer and resin a higher-quality than other windshield repair companies, we’ve highlighted some of the aspects that make our products worth the value.


UV Thin Resin


The resin available at Tri Glass Inc. is an optical-grade, low viscosity, ultraviolet curing resin that has excellent adhesion to glass. It is high-strength, moisture resistant and won’t yellow like other resins. The mixture is a blend of Methacrylate monomer and Urethane oligomer that is available in 20 cps (thin) and 60 cps (thick). The liquid can be cleaned up with chlorinated solvents and Isopropyl alcohol.


Using the resin from our line of windshield repair products will make the glass mend look practically invisible when used the right way. It can withstand all types of weather climates because it is remarkably strong. For a strong substance that will retain the original structure of a windshield, our resin is what you’re looking for.


UV Thin Pit Sealer


Pit Sealer

A good windshield repair cannot be properly performed without a quality pit sealer. The thick and thin pit sealer we carry correctly seals and finished the glass crack so that it can endure exposure from the elements. The product seals the material together so that it is flush with the glass. All you need is a few drops of sealer to conduct a glass repair. The sealer is spread with a reusable pit sealer tab, then cured with the UV lamp. Lastly, it is trimmed with the razor blade to complete the glass repair.


The pit sealer comes in a convenient, squeezable bottle with a special, control-tip dropper for easy handling.


For a shelf life of up to two years, the pit sealer and the resin should be kept out of sunlight, in the original container and stored below 90 degrees. You can conveniently buy our resin and pit sealer online and view our website for more information about our products! To see how a glass repair is performed with our Tri Glass tools, check out the video below.