If you’re a windshield repair business owner, being well aware of your competition can largely influence the success of your company. By looking at what your competition is doing, you can remain one step ahead of the game. Sure, you’ve got to keep tabs on the windshield repair businesses around you – but there’s another type of windshield business you should also be watching out for: windshield repair scammers. In a world filled with thousands of vehicles in need of windshield glass repair, there are three types of restoration businesses – the good, the bad, and the scammers. These windshield scammers – the con artists – are making our businesses look bad. How can anyone trust us to fix their windshield if our industry is associated with crooks and crimes?

To rise up against the corruption of windshield repair, glass repair businesses need to build a positive reputation for themselves. By following the moral standards of the field and operating with ethical values, your customers will learn to trust you with their repair. You should make sure that you perform work with professional-grade, quality supplies for your windshield repair business so that you can conduct the best restoration services. Having the right tools, materials, and equipment on hand will allow you to perform repairs that will last, making your customers feeling satisfied with your services. Offering a warranty on your restoration service will also provide your consumers with confidence in their purchase.

As a reputable online supplier where businesses can go to get professional windshield repair systems for sale, we stand up to scammers by offering the finest products. In our inventory we have quality tools such as resin, pit sealer, the Tri Glass Bridge, UV lamps and more – everything you need to provide a superior level of glass repairs. We also provide windshield repair kits for those looking to start their own glass restoration business. Our prices are affordable too – so that you can make a successful return on investment that doesn’t involve any unethical schemes.

Here are some ways to show your customers that you are trustworthy:

  • Operate using a fixed address – no PO Box or pickup truck!
  • Make your billing invoice presention transparent, clear, and easy-to-read.
  • Offer a guarantee on your repairs.
  • Charge for your services using an honest and accurate pricing module.
  • Have all employees represent your company by wearing a badge or uniform.
  • Promote your business as reputable and trustworthy.
  • Partner with insurance companies to obtain a positive reputation and gain leads.

Don’t let windshield repair scams scare you out of the business or have a negative effect on your consumer base. Research conducted by the Swansea Metropolitan University shows that 90 percent of chips found on auto windshields crack within just three years. With that being said, the demand for windshield repair is high. And of course, with our topnotch products, we’ve got you covered.