1 oz. Tri Glass UV Pit Sealer



#TRI 102

Product Name:

1 oz. Tri Glass Ultraviolet Pit Sealer

Product Description:

Pit Sealer in squeeze bottle w/ special control-tip dropper will seal over 400 repairs per ounce.

Shelf Life:

Up to 2 years (when stored below 90oF, out of sunlight, and in original container).

Feature & Benefits:

Tri Glass Pit Sealer correctly “builds”, seals, and finishes the repair so that it is flush with the glass to better withstand exposure to the elements. The tapered control tip dropper dispenses just the right amount of sealer to do up to 400 repairs per ounce.

Basic Uses:

Just one drop of sealer, spread with a reusable pit sealer tab, cured with a UV lamp, and trimmed with a razor, is sufficient to correctly seal and finish a repair.