1/2 oz. Tri Glass UV Thick Resin



#TRI 100B

Product Name:

1/2 oz. Tri Glass Ultraviolet Thick Resin

Product Description:

A low viscosity optical grade ultraviolet light curing the resin with excellent adhesion to glass and extraordinary strength. Bonds are resistant to moisture and common organic solvents. This blend of Urethane oligomer and Methacrylate monomer blend has a viscosity of 40 CPS and can be cleaned up with Isopropyl alcohol and chlorinated solvents (clean stainless steel injector with acetone).

Technical Data:

“Excellent” Strength, Moisture Resistance and Resistance to Yellowing. Low refractive Index of 1.52. Film Tensile Strength of 10,000 psi. Adhesion Tensile on Glass of >1,500 psi. Full cure rate for a 2-mil gap is 10-20 seconds @ 25 mW/cm-2 intensity of a 365-nanometer wavelength ultraviolet light.

Shelf Life:

Up to two years (when stored below 90oF, out of sunlight, and in original container).

Feature & Benefits:

Tri Glass UV Thick Resin is color corrected to produce an optically superior bond. A low refractive index means repairs will be nearly invisible when performed correctly. Formulated to produce remarkably strong, permanent bonds for all climates, all Tri Glass resins pass two-year weather, age and field tests. When used properly, Tri Glass resins will retain – even improve — the original structural integrity of a windshield.

Basic Uses:

An ideal product to use in filling combination, bulls-eye and star breaks.

Please note the Thick Resin now comes with a black cap.


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