Vehicle owners who want to avoid the large cost of replacing a damaged windshield rely heavily on auto shops that conduct repairs. As a main means of transportation, nearly every household has a vehicle unless there is public transportation available. Knicks and cracks happen to glass windows quite often. Temperature changes in climate and sharp airborne debris are two factors that cause windshields to become scratched. As soon as a driver notices that their windshield has a crack in it, they should have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid the damage spreading and becoming worse.

A Return on Investment

Many automobile companies have developed a separate division that tailors to repairing glass windows of vehicles. However, some auto shops do not specialize in, or offer windshield repair so consumers turn to specialists instead. Windshield repair can draw a large amount of profit for auto repair shops. We at Tri Glass, Inc. supply auto shops and specialists around the world with topnotch windshield repair kits. Our kits include everything needed to properly repair glass fast and effectively. With a minor investment in windshield repair equipment, auto shops can expand their business and generate more turnover.

Effective Repair Equipment

Our product is one-of-a-kind because it doesn’t need any pumps, electrical outlets, tubes, or hoses to work. The reason our product is so successful is because it produces outstanding results. This is also because of our Tri Glass Bridge tool, patented by our company. The tool uses quality resin to replace trapped air by delivering the precise amount of pressure and extraction with its stainless steel double O-ring injectors. It has a metal holding bracket that won’t flex or become affected by resin, unlike other plastic repair tools.

Expand Your Business by Providing Windshield Repair

Did you know that the cost to repair a crack in the glass in only a few cents? Because fixing a windshield doesn’t cost auto shops much money, it can produce profits of over 99 percent. Even if the crack is twelve inches in length, it is easily repairable using a quality windshield repair kit. The auto industry is a huge open market for windshield repairs because the percentage of replacing windshields is extremely low, at only 7 percent.

A study conducted by the National Windshield Repair Association showed that the market for windshield repair is vast. The research was performed by a few businesses around the country in which parking lots were surveyed throughout 14 cities. The results presented that out of 5,523 vehicles, nearly 50 percent of them had stone breaks in their window.

Customers are more willing to pay the lower expense of having their windshield repaired than to have the entire glass replaced. Repairing windshields is an easy process that requires only minimal training for employees. Adding windshield repair to the services of your auto shop can generate a large profit margin, and we at Tri Glass, Inc. support the demand.

If you are in need of high-quality windshield repair kits, order from our website today!