Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? We at Tri Glass, Inc. encourage entrepreneurs looking to start a business to consider the windshield repair industry. We offer high-quality windshield repair kits that are great for starting a windshield repair business. Our repair kits are affordable to start off with and contain everything needed to conduct a windshield repair in one session. Learning how to conduct a repair using our patented Tri Glass Bridge tool is simple, and we have a training DVD for those who want to self-teach. The Tri Glass Basic Windshield Repair Kit is great for jump starting a windshield repair business and is priced at $375.


Windshield repair business startups that have advanced needs can opt for the Tri Glass Professional Windshield Repair Kit for $575, which has a larger quantity of materials and supplies needed to perform fixes at a higher volume. Our kits are made out of quality materials and supplies that make windshield repairs last. Our kits are also great for automotive shops that want to add windshield repair as a new service to their specialty. Auto shops that already offer windshield repair can also benefit from our windshield repair kits because they are great for restocking supplies.


Business owners of windshield repair can rely on Tri Glass Inc. to supply them with the equipment and materials they need. Whether it be a new UV lamp, a full bottle of resin or a new bridge, our company can provide you with the tools you require. Starting a business using our Tri Glass products is easy and can generate a great return on investment because vehicles are always needing their glass fixed when it gets cracked. To help you on your business startup journey, we have put together a few steps to follow that will lead you on the right track to making a good profit.


Step 1

First you must apply for a business license for your auto windshield repair company. Ask your local small business administration office or the county clerk’s office about license requirements and fees in your area. You will need to apply for an Employer Identification Number from the IRS to use on your business documents and business tax returns. To protect your business assets from settlement costs or law suits, you should purchase business insurance.


Step 2

Pick the location of where your windshield repair business will be. You can lease a garage or commercial retail space, but make sure it is roomy enough to safely repair windshields and to have enough storage.


Step 3

Buy the windshield repair equipment and supplies. Learn how to conduct the repair and practice a few times.


Step 4

Advertise your business services wherever you can – in newspapers, on social media, and in the directories. Connect with other auto industries to obtain referrals. Basically, spread the word of your new business and its services.


When it comes to auto windshield repair, you can rely on us at Tri Glass, Inc. for quality tools and materials. Our kits offer the perfect opportunity to begin a windshield repair business.


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