The weather can be unpredictable. Depending on where you live, if you only do windshield repairs in great weather, you may be seriously limiting yourself and business opportunities. But thankfully, good windshield repair products and a few essential techniques can make all the difference for windshield repair in bad weather.

 Windshield repair in good weather vs windshield repair in bad weather 

Windshields can be repaired in both good and bad weather. The difference lies in the windshield repair products used to complete the process. Windshield repair products used in bad weather may differ slightly from those used during the warmer months. During bad weather, the windshield repair process requires repair products that will cure the resin faster. 

 Normally, cold weather extends the time it takes for the resin to cure. This is because the UV lamp used to cure the resin during the summer months may not be as powerful in bad weather as it is during the warmer months. This UV lamp receives power from the cigarette lighter or power outlet, which receives less power in the cold. As a result, the UV lamp can not emit sufficient UV radiation to cure the resin at a normal rate. It is important to remember that resin will never cure as quickly in bad weather as it does during warm weather – regardless of the efficiency of the UV lamp used. 

 The process of repairing the windshield

Throughout the windshield repair and replacement process, the resin must be kept warm at a certain temperature. The windshield will be preheated at around 70 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit before adding the resin. Preheating the windshield is normally done using the vehicle’s heater. This is a precise process that requires a stable temperature to be maintained. 

 Additionally, the repair may have to occur at a professional windshield replacement shop and not by an auto glass mobile installer. The windshield must maintain an even temperature during the curing process. Thus, moving the vehicle indoors to control the temperature is the most ideal option. 

Having to repair a windshield is stressful, especially in bad weather. Therefore it is best to only use windshield repair products suitable for bad weather. Keep in mind that it may be required that the windshield repair process occurs in a professional environment where the temperature can be adequately controlled.