Congratulations! You’ve received your new windshield repair kit from Tri Glass and are ready to launch your business. Now it’s time to find some clients. Every driver will have minor windshield damage at one point or another, but not all drivers are willing to pay out of pocket for the repair. Here’s how to get your new business registered to bill to local insurance companies.

Registering with TPAs

First up, not all insurance policies cover windshield damage. Most drivers with comprehensive plans that include full glass are covered. If companies cover windshields, they almost always outsource processing to a Third Party Administrator (TPA). The 4 main TPAs nationwide are StrategicClaim, Gerber National, Lynx Services, and Safelite Solutions Network. You will need to register with these four, and any of the smaller TPAs that serve your area. 

What You Need to Register with TPAs

Before you can register with a TPA you will need to get a general liability insurance policy of at least $500,000. You will also need to provide:

  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Fax number (you can get an e-fax number instead)
  • Email address
  • W-9
  • And anything else the TPA requests, such as a photograph of your company vehicle with logo

How to Get Paid

Some customers will pay you directly and you can provide them with an invoice they can submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. This is the easiest route, but not all customers want to pay upfront. For customers who don’t want to pay upfront, you will need to call the number on their insurance card to ensure they are covered for windshield repair services. You will be transferred to the TPA once you call. If your service is covered, they will issue you a claim number, and you will submit your claim to the TPA once you have completed the repair. Reimbursement takes an average of 21 days—but keep a close eye on all open claims to ensure that none fall through the cracks. To streamline and simplify this process, you can hire an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) company to process your insurance claims. 

Best of luck with your new business! For more windshield repair kits and/or accessories, visit Tri Glass Inc today.