chip windhsield

Starting a windshield repair business is an effective way to generate a return on investment, because it is a service that is always in demand. Since vehicles are a main source of transportation, drivers are always in need for repairs, especially when an issue arises. Windshield repair is also a great service to add if you own and operate an auto shop. Just one tiny nick in the windshield can turn into a huge problem over time; that’s why vehicle owners opt to have their cracked windshield fixed as fast as possible. As a windshield repair specialist, you can help!


A windshield repair business can be started with as little as $375, by purchasing the small Tri Glass Professional windshield repair kit. It just takes a little patience to learn the craft, but once you have it down, the installation is easy to perform. A professional auto windshield repair kit contains everything you need to conduct a repair without the use of wires and plugs. If you are looking to earn a profit by offering windshield repair as a service, there are some aspects about the industry you should take note of. As the experts, we’ve compiled a list of things you should know about performing windshield repairs.


  1. It Saves Money for Your Customers

Repairing a small chip, as opposed to replacing the entire windshield, is much more cost effective for your clients. With most repairs costing around $50, windshield repair is an ideal choice for many drivers, especially since most insurance companies will pay this, with no out of pocket cost to the customer. Be sure to price your service accordingly and you will likely build the clientele you need.


  1. The Service is Environmentally-Friendly

Every time a windshield is replaced, the broken glass and moldings from the job get tossed into landfills. When customers opt to have their crack repaired by your service, it saves the environment from being littered with more trash.


  1. The Job Doesn’t Take Long

The task of Conducting a windshield repair can be self-taught, especially by watching our step-by-step instructional DVD. Once you have learned all the basics and have practiced a couple of times, the job is easy to do. Depending on the situation, a windshield repair can be conducted in about 20 minutes. Your customers will be pleased with how fast the repair is done.


  1. High-Quality Materials Are Best

When you need to restock the tools and equipment to conduct the repair, make sure that you purchase from a reputable source. You will want to make sure your customers are satisfied with the repair. If the materials in the repair fail, you will have a very unhappy customer. Opt for high-quality resin and pit sealer that won’t yellow over time. Check that the materials are tested for good quality and durability by the manufacturer.


  1. Offer Your Customers a Warranty

Most reputable auto shops offer a warranty on their auto windshield repair service at no cost. Offer customers the terms of the warranty so that they can understand them in full detail. The best warranty is nationwide, since people tend to travel often. The coverage can be at least up to two years, just in case issues occur from a poor repair job. You want to keep your customers happy and coming back for more of your services.