In some climates, there’s no escaping hot weather during certain times of the year. That means sometimes you’re forced to do maintenance under the sweltering sun. While it’s more ideal to find a cool spot to take out your windshield repair products, it’s not a luxury everyone has. Here are five tips for hot weather windshield repair when you have no alternatives. 


  • Be mindful of the temperature of the glass. 



Repairing the glass can be done in temperatures that range from 75 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The simplest way to determine if it’s too hot is by placing your hand on the windshield. If it’s too hot for you to keep your hand there, then chances are it’s too hot to fix. 


  • Cool down the windshield area.



If the glass is too hot, there are some simple ways you can bring the temperature down. Open the windows to let air circulate. Cover the window with a blanket or other material. Use the car’s air conditioning system and then turn on the defrost setting. 


  • Be mindful of UV rays. 



Even though the temperature of the glass may be lower now, UV rays will heat it up again if you’re not careful. When doing repairs, make sure to pull up the car in as much shade as possible. The entire car doesn’t have to be in shade, but the windshield does. 


  • Use a UV protector. 



This is mainly necessary if you’re not able to find shade – consider getting a UV protector dome for the area that’s being repaired. This will help make sure that the resin doesn’t prematurely set. 


  • Use reliable windshield repair products. 



Do some research before purchasing repair products. Amazon can be useful because of the product reviews and availability. Work with a windshield repair products seller who is responsive and eager to advise you on best practices. 

Tri Glass offers easy-to-work-with resin and sealers to help make your job as simple as possible. If you have questions about performing repairs in the hot summer sun, don’t hesitate to ask.