The windshield can be categorized as one of the most crucial components of a car. It plays an integral role in the overall strength of your vehicle. Unfortunately, windshields are prone to cracks and chips and a partially cracked window is an accident waiting to happen. It is, therefore, crucial to properly care for your windshield. 

There are many scary myths and misconceptions about repairing and replacing windshields. This blog post will attempt to debunk the common myths related to windshield repair

Myth 1: DIY repair kits can fix all cracks & chips

It is easy to purchase a windshield repair kit at an auto store and try to repair your windshield at home. You might believe that this is a way to save money, but in the long run it will often cost you more.

It is best to seek professional assistance, even for the slightest damage to your car’s windshield. Also, most auto glass repair services offer guarantees so you won’t have to worry about problems down the road with a high price tag. 

Myth 2: Very small chips don’t need to be repaired at all

A general misconception is that a small chip in your windshield doesn’t require any repairs. But the truth is that even a slight crack can compromise the strength of your vehicle’s windshield, which can turn into a more serious safety hazard over time. 

Myth 3: A full replacement is required for all chips & cracks

Many car owners believe that all cracks/chips on the windshield are the same. The fact is that there are as many as six different types of chips that can occur on a car’s windshield. Most are easily fixed. This means that sometimes all that is needed is a minor repair and you can save yourself a lot of money.

Myth 4: All windshield repairs have to be paid out-of-pocket

Many people have the misconception that repairing or replacing a windshield must be paid promptly and out-of-pocket. Getting your windshield repaired will cost some money, but probably not as much as you’d imagined. Moreover, your insurance may pay for some of your windshield chip repair, so it is best to check with your insurance first. 

Windshields can easily get chipped or cracked. A damaged windshield must be repaired or replaced quickly to avoid further damage. For more information and resources about windshield repairs, visit Tri Glass’s blog page.