Car longevity has improved and many makes and models stay on the road longer and longer. The technology for building cars is getting smarter and more efficient, so as an owner of an auto repair business, it’s helpful to stay innovative. Not every car owner is equipped with an auto repair kit. According to recent studies, cars stay on the road for an average of 11 to 12 years. Due to longevity, auto repair businesses need to develop different ways to generate additional revenue to respond to car longevity. 

  1. Windshield repair

Many car owners have experienced the stresses of driving down the road behind a large vehicle and having rocks shoot up and crack the windshield. This is a frequent event therefore there are many people that need repairs. Windshield chips or dents are the most common of insurance claims when it comes to automobiles. Purchasing a windshield repair kit can cost between $300-$400 dollars and is the perfect investment to increase revenue in the long run.

 2. Paintless Dent Repair

One of the many reasons why implementing paintless Dent Repair to the list of services that are provided at your auto repair business is that cars are becoming far more durable. In the past, car owners may have traded in their car once it hit 50,000 miles. Currently, there are more cars on the road that are over 100,000 miles than ever before, and they are much more likely to have received dings and dents. Much like windshield repair, paintless dent repair is extremely common and will provide another source of income. 

3. Plastic Headlight Restoration

Because of the switch from glass headlights to plastic, there is a new issue of headlights becoming discolored through the years due to a variety of reasons. The discoloration of a car’s headlights can prove to be hazardous to the driver and it’s helpful to alleviate the discoloration. It is not a strenuous process to repair dull lights, so an auto repair shop can charge a low and fair price that will help those that are in need to fix or polish discolored headlights. 

Implementing these strategies is a fantastic step to improve financial independence for an auto repair business. At Tri Glass, we pride ourselves in the premium products that will assist you in jumpstarting your windshield repair service. Browse our windshield repair kits to start implementing additional revenue sources today.