Tri Glass Windshield Repair Equipment

Windshield repairs are always in demand. Anything can happen while on the road, and when a windshield chips, drivers need a high-quality fix. A windshield repair business can be highly profitable and easy to run business, with the right preparation, planning and windshield repair equipment. Operating your own windshield repair business will allow you to be your own boss, work on your own terms, maximize your take-home pay and do something you enjoy. Windshield repair businesses are also extremely cost-effective with very little overhead and start-up capital required. In this post, we’ll show you how to get started with your windshield repair business.

Getting Started: Skill & Tool Acquisition

It’s important to first acquire the skills and tools needed to run your own windshield repair business. There are many online and classroom resources to learn the skills necessary, meaning that learning the necessary skills is easier now than ever.  The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA), the only association in North America dedicated solely to the needs and promotion of windshield repair, provides education and accreditation to would-be windshield repair technicians. Understanding the types of equipment needed for your business is also important.

TOP TIPS:  How to Market your Business Effectively

After finding the right windshield repair equipment, marketing your business is the next most important part of developing your own windshield repair business. Here are the key tips for marketing your business successfully:

  1. Be listed on as many directories as possible.

Online directories are what phonebooks used to provide, a simple way of seeing the contact details and basic information of a business. Yelp, Google My Business, and Yellow Pages are all examples of directories you need to be on. This means that when people needing a windshield repair search for one online, your business will be the most likely to appear, as many businesses under-utilize or are inconsistent with their directory listings.

  1. Acquire as many reviews as possible.

Reviews are like gold-dust when it comes to marketing your windshield repair business. The more reviews you have, the easier it will be to get business and the more likely people will be to buy from you. Search engines such as Google rank reviews very favorably and can help you stand out. Google actively encourages this practice, and this will help put you far ahead of the competition who do not ask for reviews for their business. Getting reviews will allow you to outrank other businesses who might invest heavily in paid advertising.

  1. Target Locally

If you have a website for your windshield repair business, be sure to target locally. This means adding keywords highly relevant to your area on your website and social platforms. For example, if you are based in New York be sure to include this repeatedly throughout your digital assets. This way, when someone searches for Windshield Repair New York in Google, you’re the most likely to come up.