A majority of an American’s life is spent traveling.

Places you could be regularly traveling to:

  • Work
  • Beach
  • Restaurants
  • Parties
  • School

Places you shouldn’t be regularly traveling to:

  • Auto Body Shops

Yes, regular auto maintenance is important, but if you are constantly bouncing back and forth between your home and your dealership, chances are they may not have your best interest in mind.

Up-selling unnecessary services is a common tactic employed by many service shops. Mechanics realize that the average car owner is not an expert, so they try to scam shoppers into constantly returning for unneeded products to make a quick dollar. If you have a scratched windshield, you don’t need a new windshield every time. Even if the scratch is a foot-long or a half-inch thick., Tri Glass, Inc. has a solution that will save you and your customers time and money.

If you work in the automotive business in 2016, you know how fast word travels. From Yelp to Facebook, customers have an instantaneous way to post their experiences from their cell phone.

Consumers have wised up to the fact that every time there is a minor issue, it doesn’t mean you need to take major action.

Here are a couple of the unique products we carry that will help your shop thrive while gaining trust from your customers:

  • Tri Glass UV Long Crack Repair Resin – This product is one of our staples. The 1oz bottle contains a low viscosity, optical grade ultraviolet curing resin and repairs the longest cracks efficiently while being barely visible to the naked eye. Not all shops have this product, but they should! (BONUS – it has a one year shelf life!)
  • Professional Window Repair Kit – A must-have for all automotive companies that offer repairs. This set has everything a cracked windshield needs. The kit contains a 2oz container of thin resin as well as a 2oz container of thick resin, PLUS two ounces of thin pit sealer. For a limited time, we are also offering a FREE Dremel Drill and a charger in the kit. Don’t lose customers by pricing your services out of the market. People know what they need, and they want a great value (like this.)

To buy windshield crack repair equipment, visit www.triglassinc.com today or call our friendly and dedicated employees at 800-419-8601.

All of our commercial auto glass repair kits are for sale at the lowest prices in the business. 

Professionals and consumers alike benefit from the unique offerings we provide. Take control of your automobile and shop with the gold-standard of windshield repair products.