Professional Windshield Repair Kits

Auto glass repair technology is a rapidly advancing industry, and the ability to repair large chips can vary depending on tools and supplies you’re equipped with. Tri Glass offers professional windshield repair kits, which contain all the tools, equipment, and materials you need to repair chipped windshields. Our products are industry tested and intuitive for ease of use.

The portable, complete windshield repair kit contains everything you need to produce quality auto glass repairs.

The Pro Kit

Our Pro Windshield Repair Kit contains everything in the Basic kit, plus an additional Tri Glass Bridge, UV Lamp, 1 extra oz of Thick and Thin Resin, and more…

Why Triglass

The auto glass experts at Tri Glass offer two different professional windshield repair kits. Our kits are designed to increase windshield longevity and provide extended value. Our one-of-a-kind repair systems have all the tools you need to make professional auto glass repairs, including our patented bridge.



We’ve been a trusted source for windshield repair systems for over 35 years.


We provide the best windshield repair equipment on the market, including our patented bridge.

Great value

Our windshield repair kits give you all the tools you need at one low price.


We have two kits to fit your specific needs, whether you’re making occasional windshield repairs or operating at high volume.


Our product line has been carefully curated to include the best windshield repair equipment and supplies on the market.


Won’t yellow for over 2 years

How Our Windshield
Repair Kits work

The Tri Glass repair kit requires no electrical outlets, pumps, tubes, or hoses. Our patented Tri Glass Bridge is designed to streamline the windshield repair process. It consists of a stable metal bar with finger-adjustable leveling screw and has a strong suction mount. Our precise, easy to use, steel injector is designed to work on all windshield types. Preview the windshield repair process before you buy via our How To Video and Guide.

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